Discover Malta – Top European Summer Destination in 2023

If you are looking for rediscovered dreamland and ideal destination for relaxation and fun in 2023 Malta could be the answer to your needs. Malta is a combination of sun, warm sea, exciting history and culture, gastronomy, vines, great clubs and unique atmosphere.

Malta, the land of history

It spreads on three islands in the Mediterranean Sea, opposite to Sicily. The capital, La Valletta, has been built across centuries and nowadays is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. This is the city of medieval fortresses, beauty and wealth, business opportunities making it Maltese and Mediterranean pearl. Many luxury hotels, villas, bars and restaurants settled in old Valletta are welcoming numerous tourists every year. Malta is in the heart of the Mediterranean and represents cultural and ethnically melting pot of this part of Europe, with a history that has been stretched for thousands of years (this part of Europe was inhabited some 5,200 years BC). The national language is Maltese, but everyone speaks and uses English on daily basis (it is second language on Malta).

The Islands

The Malta consists of five islands, of which Malta, Gozo and Komino are inhabited, and Kominoto and Filfle are not. The most popular and most interesting tourist destinations are Sliema (with numerous hotels) and St. Julian’s (center of nightlife in Malta). Malta’s buildings look magical. The walls and walls are beautiful colors of honey, which under the sunlight have a special shine. The houses were built of limestone. A stone dipped in the sun changes its color from white to light yellow. The whole picture of these beautiful scenes is magical and unreal. The island has a lot of cultural and historical monuments that will introduce you to their rich culture.

Discover fun, exciting nightlife and shopping opportunities in Malta

Young people can enjoy the night life that is very turbulent and dynamic here. A large number of beautiful bars, pleasant restaurants, modern hotels and shopping centers. There are many interesting activities possible to enjoy in when in Malta, such as underwater safari, pirate tours, medieval tours etc… Come and rediscover Malta.

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